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First time in Russia! More than 100 real estate properties&projects will be presented to Professional Investors FROM THE STAGE


Organizers of “International InvestForum 2018” offer new and highly effective marketing instrument to the real estate market.


InvestForum will take place on 19-20 of December in Moscow and will gather more than 200 qualified investors so that every participant could assess and acquire apartments, houses and buildings.


Investors will have an opportunity to get acquainted with more than 100 quality real estate properties  from 4 countries and 10 towns.


Event organizers - President of “The First Real Estate Union in Russia” Alexander Sankin and his associates, believe that during two days of the event more than 20 deals will be made.


“Efficient Investment in Real Estate” - the first real estate investment forum. It’s uniqueness is that at the same time and in one place will be presented a wide selection of properties  that were picked out mostly by their investment potential.


According to experts, Investor might achieve a considerable economic efficiency by participating in such an event and also has an advantage of sharing risk with other investors, consequently reducing his own risks.


Organizers guarantee that this FORUM will attract ONLY those property owners that are motivated and willing to sell here and now.


Furthemore this event will provide an amazing professional communication environment: investors, owners and professional brokers that are involved in real estate,


First time in real estate practice professionals will assemble on Event that’ll showcase not one but whole scope of properties which could be advised for investment interest.


Property list includes apartments that are located in the best new buildings of Moscow and Kaliningrad, comfortable quality houses in cottage settlement under Nizhniy Novgorod, astonishing residence in Sochi, commercial properties and apartments in Cyprus, Bulgaria and Spain.


The initial value of each property is 1 Rubl.


Professional real estate investors and investment companies and welcome to participate for FREE. On the other hand, agents and property owners are required to pay 5000 Rub for each item and also 6% of commision in case of a successful sale during the event or within 6 months after the event took place - if legal execution of the started deal requires more time.


Nevertheless, for all agents and owners, it’s an unique opportunity to present their properties to 100% intended audience.


Agenda of the Event:


-          Master-class from Alexander Sankin and Irina Dagaeva for investors on a matter of “Benefits and risks of real estate investments’ by showcasing properties that are represented on the Forum;

-          Master-class from Andrey Krasnov “How to sale an apartment in a new building using an auction method of Alexander Sankin”;

-          Master-class from “The best real estate agent of 2015, 2016 and 2017” according to the International Association of Successful Agents - Oleg Sviridov will share with you his “Personal sales experience”;

-          Master-class from  “CENTURY 21 Russia” Commercial director Igor Babkin “Franchise as a predictable source of revenue”;

-          Presentation and sale of real estate properties that were thoroughly examined and approved by International Association of Successful Agents - The First Union of Agents in Russia;

-          Coffee-breaks

-          For Mass media : interactions with organizers and speakers of the Forum


Co-organizer of the InvestForum is company “Estateeka, Sochi”


General info-sponsor is franchise network of real estate Agencies CENTURY 21 Russia.


Other than live participation Forum also provides online participation for Investors from regions of Russia and other countries.


Supposedly InvestForum will become a traditional annual Event of Agents Union of Russia, and new instrument of sales (auction method) will be a new marketing trend in real estate.


Venue: Moscow International Higher School of Business MIRBIS, Brown-Hall, Marksistskaya street, 34/7


Time: 12.00 - 18.00 (19 and 20 of December)




-          Professional (qualified) Real estate Investors FREE

-          Owners and exclusive agents 5000 Rub for each represented item plus the commision in case of a sale

-          For all other participants (investors in other areas included) 15000 Rub


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